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Who We Are


  • Q: Who does Northside BHG Serve?

    A: Our programs and services are for anyone struggling with the challenges of growing up. Our awesome staff is focused on assisting youth, adolescents, and adults through various behavioral and mental health concerns. This includes improving mental health, overcoming barriers, providing academic support, and assisting caregivers with strategies to support each young person.

  • Q: What makes Northside BHG special?

    A: We are rooted in authenticity and care deeply for all our clients. We are a team, from practitioner to parent to caregiver to teacher to daycare provider to client. We want our clients to grow positively without losing the things that make them special. We want you to feel supported as a client and as a caregiver. We also have an arcade and a gecko in our waiting room… which is pretty unique.

  • Q: What are the ages for Northside BHG services and programs?

    A: Our providers are here to help folks from all ages and backgrounds. We specialize in working with young people, but we were all young once! From eight-years-old to 80-years-old, we are confident that our providers can help. Anyone can participate in our academic support program with prior notice/registration.

  • Q: What specific mental health concerns does Northside BHG address?

    A: We see a variety mental health diagnosis in our practice. Here is a list of common diagnosis:
    - Academic Difficulties/Truancy
    - Adjustment Disorder
    - Anxiety Disorders
    - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    - Autism Spectrum Disorder
    - Bipolar disorder
    - Borderline personality disorder
    - Conduct Disorder
    - Depression
    - Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
    - Learning disabilities
    - Performance & Achievement
    - Sleep problems
    - Substance Use/Abuse
    - Trauma

  • Q: What academic support services does Northside BHG provide?

    A: We have an on-site academic resource center, staffed with qualified and experienced tutors to help with a variety of subjects across a wide range of grade levels. We ask those taking advantage to register ahead of time so we can accurately staff the center. This is a free service for clients, and there is a small fee for all others.